sanded floors!

I'll be moving in to this house shortly and out of my parents. It's a 1921 bungalow with lots of charm. 
At about 900 square feet, it's the right amount of space for just me. I will have to share the basement with my dad (he's putting his office down there!) but I did'nt expect to be using the basement much anyways. 
I'm excited for things to proceed further and for me to actually move in and decorate! A tour will most definitely be in order once I have my things all set up. I have so many ideas!

Anyways, the first steps before I can move in are some minor improvements. 
My dad just had the floors redone, and they turned out gorgeous!
The big green machine is the zambonee like floor sander!
The sanded floors. This shot is from the front door, in the living room. 
You can see all the way back to the two bedrooms & that hint of red is the kitchen!
Testing the stain color. You can really see the difference between the raw wood and the color in these photos.
Stained and sealed! These photos are taken from the basement steps, as we can't step on the floors or open any doors just yet. The polyurethane still needs time to set up. 
The red paint is in the kitchen. The toe trim for the baseboards still need to go on, and that color will be touched up, along with some touch up paint on walls throughout the house.
Other than that, we still need to install appliances before I can move in. 
Furniture can't touch those floors for at least another week though!

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