pink in the hague

So I made it to Europe safe and sound... but maybe with a teeensy bit of jet lag.

 I wanted to post this for two reasons.
1. This is possibly the most texture my hair has had recently, and it's not even that wavy. I slept on it damp and it came out nice. Straight hair makes you pine for texture.
2. My top matches my flowers! Colin bought me peonies and brought them to the airport when he picked me up Friday. Peonies are, if you didn't know, my favorite flower. But they are also a super fickle, picky flower, so he's never been able to find any to gift me before. 
Gotta love that the Netherlands is still experiencing what is very early spring weather for the Mid-western united states. Peony season is all but over anywhere the weather has gotten over 85 in the states.
On a side note, I really like this top. Blush has sort of been an obsession for me lately. Not that I was ever that adverse to pink. I enjoy being girly and I think pink tends to be a fairly flattering color on me. But blush has super trendy lately and I've been loving it.
This is from Forever 21 and is a textured ribbon knit. I also dig the dolman sleeve.  


easter egg color nails

So, I painted my nails and I am a weirdo. 
I got really excited about these pastel colors though, thus the strange faces.
The toe color is Essie Mint Candy Apple, and I've had it for almost a year. I love it. It's the perfect opaque minty color but without being a gloppy, thick polish. 
The nail color is Essie Nice is Nice. Lilac is surprisingly flattering. I also like the color purple. 
I've been on a purple kick lately. 
Notice I'm wearing a purple shirt. Yeah.
Sorry I look CRAZY and that I'm holding my foot. 
I was on planes all day flying home from Philly. So I'm more than a little loopy from all that recycled air.
Thursday I turn around and leave again for the Netherlands. 
For a month and 4 days. Yeah, I'm cool like that and take super long European vacations. 
We can just pretend I'm vacationing because I have massive amounts of leisure time and disposable income and not because I'm seeing Colin graduate and then taking advantage of traveling before his dutch lease is up. 
Yeah. I'm just hoity toity. Let's go with that.
I have been mildly busy. I'm making this daisy-sixties-mod-pink-green desktop background for my bestie, Morgan.
The desktop I have on my laptop, which you can kinda see in the screen capture, is that pink chevron stripe, which has my monogram in the middle (in an orange-y coral, incase you're curious). 
I'm sort of obsessed with monograms. 
The only other person I know who appreciates them as much is Morgan, so she asked for a pink and green pattern for herself. I'm thinking about hiding the monogram in it sort of like a Lily Pulitzer pattern.



In ten days, I'm leaving for Europe, where I'll be traveling for just over a month. I am a notoriously terrible over-packer and learning to pack frugally when I visit Colin in the Hague has been a challenge. When I visited in February, I only pack a carry on for the 2 weeks I was there and I loved the freedom of not bringing too much stuff. 
Inspired by Kendi Everyday's 30 for 30 remix challenges, I'm sharing my packing list for the month + that I'll be abroad. 
These are my 30 remixing pieces! This includes jewelry, scarves, belts or undergarments, which I don't feel like really count as clothing staples and/or take up much suitcase space. 
I will not be in climates that in anyway match the super hot, humid, Midwestern summers I'm used to!
The Hague has been topping out at about 70 degrees, so these items are more of my sprint rather than summer wardrobe.
30 packed/remixing pieces:
6 tops:
1 Target Baseball tee (similar here),
 1 J.Crew Perfect fit 3/4 sleeve tee (similar here
 2 tanks for layering, both J.Crew Perfect Fit tanks
 2 Button down tops:
1 vintage creme blouse (similar here)
1 Tommy Hilfiger pool blue gingham oxford (similar here)
 4 cardigans:
1 Forever 21 stripped cardigan (similar here),
1 J.Crew outlet camel cardigan (similar here)
 2 pullover sweaters:
1 Loft bat wing sweater (similar here),
1 Forever 21 open knit sweater (similar here)
4 skirts:
1 handmade denim (similar here),
1 J.Crew Outlet campus cord mini (similar here),
1 Tommy Hilfiger chambray mini (similar here),
 2 pairs pants:
1 pair skinny jeans
 5 dresses:
1 loft knit dress (similar here),
1 Modcloth eyelet dress (similar here),
1 Forever 21 knit 3/4 sleeve dress (similar here),
1 UO nautical stripped dress (similar here),
1 green mini dress (similar here)

I did this mostly to hold myself accountable and not over pack. I'm going on a mini vacay with my bestie to southern  Missouri, then to Philly to drop off the things I'm moving at Colin's mom's house, then immediately to Europe. 
I really cannot over pack.


 I'm wearing my first Lilly of summer!
It's SUPER hot here, like 95 degrees hot, with 85% humidity.
So a tank and little cotton skirt are the only real outdoor clothing options.
 It's blue and yellow mermaids on white. This is by far my fav Lilly skirt.
Have a great day!