sometimes i am convinced i have vertigo.
i saw a doctor show once that said that mild to moderate vertigo is because you loosen crystals that grown in your ear and they rattle around and hit your ear in the place that helps you balance and makes you experience vertigo.
sometimes i feel like im really slowly spinning. even if i have eaten normally and gotten plenty of sleep.
maybe my crystals are wonky.
because i am spinning...
sometimes i think about weddings.
okay, alot of times when i am scooting around blogland i think about weddings.
this is not to say that i think about my own wedding... i mean, sometimes i do, but im not one of those girls who plans out her wedding waaaaay before she ever needs to.
mostly i just really, REALLY like looking at wedding pictures.
everyone is always so happy and glow-y.
i have never ever seen a wedding picture in the blog-o-sphere that was dour in the least.
i like looking at happy pictures because it distracts me from the crazy stress of art school.
and also because morgan and i have jokingly (and i really hope seriously) talked about having an event planning business after college. especially if we both end up in kansas city for awhile after school, even if temporary.
so i consider these wedding blogs research for future business practice.
a for example image is below from rock and roll bride