the Royal Wedding in animated gif's

fascinators and hair clips

I've been really into hair accessories lately. 
And to celebrate today's Royal wedding, I'm wearing a self made fascinator!
These are three fun hair clips I've crafted lately.
peach silk moire peony with orange beads in the center.  
this is really giant. it's probably about 6 inches in diameter, but it's such a pretty color.
 white fabric rosettes with crazy feather plumes.
I sort of cheated on this. the fabric flower cluster was a premade bunch I bought in the bridal section of the craft store. but they look handmade and have little pearl sprays shooting out.
 purple violet cluster with fascinator feathers!
I like the way the feathers poof on the violet fascinator clip the best.
Again, this is another premade flower bunch with some artful hot glueing.
In total these three projects probably cost me less than $10 total to make, so they we're really affordable for fun little accessories. I'm in total awe of the women at British weddings. I love the giant hats and fascinators.
Some favorites from this morning, all from the celebuzz royal wedding hats gallery:
Miriam Gonzalez, wife of deputy PM Nick Clegg 
 Princess Beatrice
Sophie, Countess of Wessex 
Tara Palmer-Tomkinson 
Zara Phillips


photobooth is so convenient for awkward pictures with your mom!

Hello from London!
See you at the Royal Wedding in the morning. We've got our hats on and we're ready!
<3 Katie and Jackie


Fav's for the Royal Wedding

I'm pretty excited to watch the Royal Wedding.
My mom & I have plans to watch the ceremony on tv in our jammies early Friday morning. 
The Royal Wedding wiki (yes, there is one!) says Wills & Harry 
won't be arriving at Westminster until 10:15 GMT, so we'll be tuning in at 5am CST to start watching! 
Kate is scheduled to get there at 6am CST.
These are some of my favorite commemorative items for the big day... 
which had I seen some of them in London last month, I might have snagged... 
click through the images for links!
Okay, I bought this at work. I'm a big cheeseball and I own the Diana/Kate Middleton ring now.
You can get a similar copy of the ring, on the cheap, here.
Paper Dolls are just plain fun...

 Liberty of London floral Union Jack scarf... not strictly Royal Wedding related, but super pretty.

creepy Royal Wedding masks... these were just too weird to pass up posting...


I just finished this blurb book last night. It's a visual family tree in book form. 
Did you know I have 67 second cousins? 
Because I do... and that's just on my dad's side of the family. Pictured are people that I'm related to, starting from about 1802-present.
I'm crossing my fingers that it arrives on my doorstep before I leave next Saturday for my family reunion! 
Please come through next day shipping!

this one was too good not to post too...

Jurrassic Park. Park's are so great. The park's department needs money. There, I just did it in three moves.

I can safely say, that I would totally be best friends with Leslie Knope.
Thanks for the gif tumblr!



I bedazzled my nails with Sally Hansen Salon effects nail strips today.
They're basically peel and stick nail polish stickers that are a really good quality.
And, my nails are so short, I didn't even use half of a box!
I love glitter.
Also. Check out my class ring in that third picture.
Definitely the most classy piece of jewelry I own. Thanks fancy private school!



 It was 91 degrees today in KC, so I busted out a maxi dress for work. 
My friend Mel Bar always wore these awesome maxi's last spring/summer and I was always so jealous of the look. So this is my interpretation.
Also, my belt has a giant lion head on it. I got it at an estate sale yesterday, and it is seriously boss.
My parent's mini tulip bed is in full bloom! 
I was worried because we had intense hail last night, but these little guys survived, 
and now I get to pretend like I have a tiny bit of Holland in my back yard!