Turban Headbands

Today, I've been skipping around on the internet, and had a strange strange craving.
I do love me some headbands, but I found myself oddly desiring a turban headband...
I'm only about 2 years late to the trend, which cropped up in Spring fashion shows in 2007.

I know these sorts of headbands are super affordable online (try under $4 at forever21), but I think I might try to DIY one over the weekend.
I don't want to go full on turban, more of a headband with a top knot. I really like the way this is styled...

This turban looks super chic on Louise Brooks, and if I wore one, I would skip the over the hair trend, and wear my turban headband with a pony tail or a bun... 
I don't think I can pull off the over the hair hipster headband thing, as pictured below by l.lohan...

I want to try to make a mix between this
and this


New Drypoint, Amorphic teepee cover, Rainy days

I've been working to try to get over my uninspired hump all day.
I've been making this copper plate dry point on a sort of lacey looking geo-dome.

The image is really hard to see because I haven't inked it yet. You can sort of make out the scratched in lines right above the glare from my computer screen.
I took a picture of the sketches I made that illustrate the sort of look I'm going for.

I hope I can pull a proof of this by tomorrow evening. I've also been working today on crocheting a similar type of form to make a new, sculptural cover for my teepee. If you haven't see my teepee in my studio, it's currently covered in camo print. I bought it from a nice lady on craigslist and I haven't switched up the cover yet.

That camo print just won't do. Here is the bud of the crochet amophic teepee cover.

I'm still feeling a little frustrated with myself, but now I'm chalking it up to the day. It's been gray and rainy all day. I think that making things today will probably help my mood. I am my own best champion and my own worst critic.

Feeling Uninspired

It's been really hard for me to get inspired since this semester has started.
I am in the process of applying for real-life jobs post art school, and I've been stressing myself out alot.
So I am taking today to try to work on ideas and hopefully have something to show for it before I leave my studio at 8pm.
I really want to see this show. My department chair let me borrow a copy of this show's catalog at the end of last semester. Maybe sometime soon I can scoot up to NYC.


Scottie Dog broach

I got this super cute vintage scottie dog pin at an antique mall in PA, on my way back to school last week. I think it's super cute. Another addition to my awesome statement brooch collection!

The chess piece brooch is from Missouri, from the trip where I also scored a HUGE red, white and blue flower pin.
Rockin the pins while I answer the phones at work.



It has been so long since I last posted. This is mostly due to the face that I had an epic journey from Kansas City, to Memphis to Philadelphia to Baltimore for the last week.
I do have pictures to share though, from this adventure. Morgan, my best friend, goes to school in Memphis, so I decided to roadtrip back with her to school and fly out of Tennessee to get back to the east coast before MICA starts. Morgan hates Elvis, so her buying me tickets to Graceland was a pretty awesome gift. True story, Morgan refused to even take her mom to Graceland. Yeah. Also, let me appologize now for the sideways photos.

sorry this is sideways. We drove from Kansas City to Memphis. We stopped in New Madrid, Missouri to look at the Mississippi river. We were informed by Morgan's dad that it is not pronouced the way you would think, but rather as New MAD-RIDE.

We stopped by an outlet mall, and found Beer! Food! Fun!

The audio tour at Graceland begins.

Again, sorry it's sideways. But look at that sweet purple poodle wall paper. This was in Elvis' parents bathroom.
I really love my cowboy boots.

Seriously Elvis, carpet in the kitchen?

weird mirrored stairwell to the basement.

navy and yellow super intense tv room

completely upholstered billiards room.

me in the jungle room

more jungle room


platinum cassette tape

neat envelope in the museum

fan art embroidery that makes elvis look super pouty

racquette ball court that was turned into a hall of shiny records

tiger jump suit!

fan collage

denmark has an undieing love for elvis


rock chalk jay hawk, go ku!

we found a travelocity roaming gnome at Sun records

famous ducks at the Peabody Hotel

beale street!


Figuring my life out for when college ends is some hard stuff. What will I do with myself after May 17th?


The entire school district surrounding my house is closed tomorrow... and the mayor isn't plowing side streets. Looks like I'm snowed in. Guess I'll have time to craft.
I went to my favorite antique mall today and even took pictures, but I don't know where my camera cord is. It could be in baltimore for all I know! So until I remedy that, no pictures.
I leave in 7 days to roadtrip to Memphis with my bestie, then in 10 days, I fly to Philly to see Colin and have a last minute holiday party with friends.


2010, the year of the statement brooch

I went to one of my favorite antique malls today with my mom. I scored a few things for my boyfriend's very belated christmas package and two pretty awesome broaches for myself. Can I just say again, I HEART the vintage and prices in Kansas City. These two totaled $7.50 together.

I've decided to bring brooches and pins back. 2010, the year of the big, crazy, statement brooch.
That flower pin is about 4 1/2 inches wide. It's huge and amazing. The chess piece has little rhine stones in it. Pretty snazzy if I do say so myself. These little gems are going on my sweater tomorrow.
Maybe I'll have more to show off tomorrow than a sweater full of snazz. My parents and I are heading out to my all time favorite antique mall after lunch. I know. I just said I went to one of my favorites today. But this one is like the treasure chest of sweet sweet vintage deals. More details tomorrow. I'll make sure to take my camera to document the adventure.