New Drypoint, Amorphic teepee cover, Rainy days

I've been working to try to get over my uninspired hump all day.
I've been making this copper plate dry point on a sort of lacey looking geo-dome.

The image is really hard to see because I haven't inked it yet. You can sort of make out the scratched in lines right above the glare from my computer screen.
I took a picture of the sketches I made that illustrate the sort of look I'm going for.

I hope I can pull a proof of this by tomorrow evening. I've also been working today on crocheting a similar type of form to make a new, sculptural cover for my teepee. If you haven't see my teepee in my studio, it's currently covered in camo print. I bought it from a nice lady on craigslist and I haven't switched up the cover yet.

That camo print just won't do. Here is the bud of the crochet amophic teepee cover.

I'm still feeling a little frustrated with myself, but now I'm chalking it up to the day. It's been gray and rainy all day. I think that making things today will probably help my mood. I am my own best champion and my own worst critic.

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