Liberty for Doc Martens!

I'm not the hugest fan of the Doc Marten boots- I wouldn't be able to carry them off.  But I do love Liberty prints and those satchel bags are fabulous!
Available in May at Liberty of London online.


Amazing Costuming and Needlework!

I just discovered the Hermitage's online catalog, which is amazing and filled with inspiring costuming... 
I've been emailing my mom, who is a textile artist, images all afternoon. 
The embroidery on these dresses is amazing! Click on the images to open them up larger in another window. They're all so detailed you almost have to look at them larger! 

 Ceremonial Court Dress of Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna, 1850's
Ceremonial Court Dress (according to legend, belong to Empress Maria Fydorovna, 1820's
Chamberlain's Ceremonial Uniform and Key, late 19th - early 20th century

Empress Alexandra Fydorovna's Masquerade Dress (17th century Ceremonial Dress of a Russian Tzarina) 1903
Evening Dress of Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna, Early 20th century
Priest's Vestments: Stole and Chasuble, First half of the 19th century
Shawl, second half of the 19th century
All images from the Hermitage Museum


unseasonably warm

It's been so warm in New York. I spent yesterday afternoon in my neighborhood park because my apartment was just too hot. I still can't believe it's only April, but I'm wearing a tank top out and about. Also, I think I've mastered liquid eye liner finally. I'm rocking winged eyes today.