i zapped my computer with a cup of coffee...
well actually, i would like to blame work for being so tiny and messy that it made the coffee spill on its own.
i wont know the extent of the damage until later tonight when i have my apointment with the apple people.
ugh. i know, however, that they do not cover accidental damage, so they wont fix it for free with apple care.
hopefully my harddrive isnt wet, in which case i can get my files back, but not my blogs. i really just want my harddrive and my itunes and my bookmarks back. gosh. i hate accidents.


bad bad blogger

i've been a bad blogger...
but this semester has been rediculously rough.
i practically have no free time, and with what free time i do have i just crash and end up napping or zoning out on colin's couch.
mica's 2nd annual art market is coming up in december though, and im busily getting ready to sell alot of paper goods.
i'll imagine something interesting to write soon.