Four Jills in a Jeep

Colin and I rented Four Jills in a Jeep last night.
It was so entertaining, and was one of the first full length motion pictures with an all female leading cast!
The plot follows Kay Francis, Carole Landis, Martha Raye and Mitzi Mayfair (who all play themselves) through a USO tour in England and north Africa during WWII. The story is a jazzed up version of a USO tour these four ladies took in real life!
A dance scene from the movie... this super short clip was all I could find on youtube
This is totally work renting if you like musicals and forties costuming... such an entertaining friday night...


doxie mugs!

I just bought two of these adorable mugs for Colin and I from ModCloth
I can't wait for my doxie mugs to arrive in the mail!
Colin and I have some pretty solid plans to get two little doxie puppies when he's done with grad school, so these will be a fun little reminder of future puppy adoption!


I made a new plate today! Alyssa says I always look sad in my photos, so I tried to make a funny face.
This dome is seven hours of work. Ugh! I'll print it up tomorrow in intaglio class. Only one more new plate to make for thesis!


Golden Girls Print!

Golden Girls for a print exchange... completely unrelated to my current body of work, but I LOVE the Golden Girls, and doggomit I wanted to make a Golden Girls print... in golden metallic ink!

Single Color Screen Print, edition of 24
I plan to print a second edition, but that won't happen until at least the end of the week...


Lilly Pulitzer thrift finds and Moving!

Yesterday I hit the preppy motherload at my neighborhood thrift store. I found THREE Lilly Pulitzer items, for less than $15 total! I got two minis, one I am wearing here in this awful photobooth pic, and a set of stretch poplin capris, new with tags! I put a detail of the cute pink and blue mermaid print below.
Yep, I'm pretty great at thrifting.

In other news, I'm almost definitely moving back to Kansas City in June, after graduation!
My dad is donating an apartment to me (he's a landlord) and I'll be job hunting for arts jobs in late May and the first of June. I'm so excited to be home again!