Haircut After!


I really like it bobbed up like this. Thanks Anne at Sprout for making my hair cute and bouncy again.


Today I get my hair cut again. It's been since June and it is, shall I say, no longer a style, but a hot mess of grown out-ness. Only the headband makes it look a little more classy because it sort of hides the grown out sides. I will stand for this no longer. In about an hour I will have my hair cut back up above my shoulders, with actual side swept bangs once again. This is the before:

Note my hair doesn't really look that bad at this length, but the layers at the bottom really need cleaning up, and I really have to do something with the bangs that are, shown above, held to the side with a headband.
I spent all summer here in Baltimore, and so I never really had time to book an appointment with my usual stylist at home in KC. So i ventured out on a limb and made an appointment with a salon here in Baltimore.
Sprout is an all natural salon (i.e. no chemicals! even in their dye!). The winner for me is that they give you a ten minute scalp massage with essential oil. So great. Afters to be posted around 2ish.


Smashed up car

Sorry again for the lack of posting. My boyfriend's car got smashed up by a hit and run on Friday night. The car was parked in front of his apartment on the street and around midnight someone swerved from the other side of the street and rammed his parked car. They even had the gaul to leave a note with a fake number. Why even bother to leave a note if you're just going to leave a fake number?!? Anyways, all weekend we've been dealing with getting rental cars and investigating his options in fixing/ replacing his poor station wagon. They smashed in the front wheel well so hard that it hit the curb- now the front wheels are bowed out in opposite directions. They also scraped the entire length of the wagon. Now all we can do is wait for the claims adjuster and hope the car is salvageable.


hurricane time

It's hurricane time in Baltimore. It's been gray and yucky and rain tastic for the last few days straight.
Good thing I get to spend my entire weekend in my studio.
Today I did spend a little time working up a proto-type for a plush animal for Art Market at MICA.
He's a little orange and yellow fox. Or, he will be a little yellow and orange fox when I find more time to finish him.
I'm sure I'll be posting more photos of prints or something tomorrow.



oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh

most adorable part of my day so far!
i cant stand how cute that is.
from here



Here is the print exchange print I promised.

Sorry its a crappy photo booth picture... but my camera is dead.
The print is called falling apart in the falling rain... you can't really see the detail, but it is intentionally mis register and over top there are lots of tiny raindrops in the same light blueish color. It was an edition of 23 prints on white Rives BFK. It is a six color screen print.
Also, tonight is a screening of Typeface, the movie on campus!

The film is about the Hamilton Wood type museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. More about that after I see the actual film.
Maybe also soon there will be pictures from NYC!


NYC trip, a new print and fish and chips prospects...

Boyfriend still fails with providing a better costume picture. So thats still on hold.
In other news:
I'm working on a screen print for a printmaking exchange within my department today. The theme for the exchange is 'falling'... so I made a little village with rain falling overhead. I'll show a quick shot of the films below. I want this print to be colorful and lively, as most of my work in mono tone in shades of black to white or navy to light blue. I have plans for yellows, purples and navy and maybe a little minty turquoise too. This is due monday, so I should have this done to show off by the end of the weekend.
Also, tomorrow boyfriend and I are hopping a bus to NYC. The IFPDA (International Fine Print Dealers Association) is having a huge print fair. Well actually, it's happening now, through the weekend, but we are going tomorrow. It's the place to see current print work, make professional connections in the field and network. It also is a venue to sell prints, so you can see tons of prints by old masters and famous print editions for sale. I am excited. Also, this means we get to go back to the chip shop I found in the west village over the summer!
It's called A Salt & Battery and it is SO SO delish. I love fish and chips, and boyfriend is an avowed anglophile (he's 1/4 Brit!) so we will totally be stopping for dinner there tomorrow.
The films, as promised, minus a few that would make this look confusing.

Now just imagine these one on top of the other, some of those houses filled in with lush colors, the clouds and rain being really transparent and metallic over the top and you can see EXACTLY what I'm printing. If you can't visualize, I should have them documented for my portfolio by Monday, so I'll post the finished print by then. Deadlines Deadlines.
Other stops on tomorrows day trip to the city from balty include, magnolia bakery, also in the village, one of the pinkberries (so mad there aren't any in baltimore!)  and Cooper Union to see a show that boyfriend's bosses have design work in.
Lot's of work to do for now, so I'm off!


Halloween weekend was a blur, and I don't have any good pictures to share yet...

Oh poor poor neglected blog. This Halloween weekend took all of my energy and left no time for me to post my costume. So here it is!
I decided to be the Very Hungry Caterpillar from, well, The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.
A better picture is coming as soon as I get it off the boyfriends big fancy camera. It's a shot of the whole thing because my mom insisted on being emailed something nice and presentable. The picture below is sadly, not very complete... and it's pretty hard to even see that there are eyes and antenna on the hat at all. Just wait until the joyous moment later today when I have a nice looking picture to share, okay?

The costume was all pretty easy. I bought a cotton dress and leggings online and tie dyed them, attached some felt legs to the dress, and put felt eyes and antenna on the hat. My weekend has been so full of Halloween, that it's a little strange that it's all ready November and I have lots lots lots of work to do for school. I have a print exchange coming up next monday, so pictures of that print are coming soon.