NYC trip, a new print and fish and chips prospects...

Boyfriend still fails with providing a better costume picture. So thats still on hold.
In other news:
I'm working on a screen print for a printmaking exchange within my department today. The theme for the exchange is 'falling'... so I made a little village with rain falling overhead. I'll show a quick shot of the films below. I want this print to be colorful and lively, as most of my work in mono tone in shades of black to white or navy to light blue. I have plans for yellows, purples and navy and maybe a little minty turquoise too. This is due monday, so I should have this done to show off by the end of the weekend.
Also, tomorrow boyfriend and I are hopping a bus to NYC. The IFPDA (International Fine Print Dealers Association) is having a huge print fair. Well actually, it's happening now, through the weekend, but we are going tomorrow. It's the place to see current print work, make professional connections in the field and network. It also is a venue to sell prints, so you can see tons of prints by old masters and famous print editions for sale. I am excited. Also, this means we get to go back to the chip shop I found in the west village over the summer!
It's called A Salt & Battery and it is SO SO delish. I love fish and chips, and boyfriend is an avowed anglophile (he's 1/4 Brit!) so we will totally be stopping for dinner there tomorrow.
The films, as promised, minus a few that would make this look confusing.

Now just imagine these one on top of the other, some of those houses filled in with lush colors, the clouds and rain being really transparent and metallic over the top and you can see EXACTLY what I'm printing. If you can't visualize, I should have them documented for my portfolio by Monday, so I'll post the finished print by then. Deadlines Deadlines.
Other stops on tomorrows day trip to the city from balty include, magnolia bakery, also in the village, one of the pinkberries (so mad there aren't any in baltimore!)  and Cooper Union to see a show that boyfriend's bosses have design work in.
Lot's of work to do for now, so I'm off!

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