Today I get my hair cut again. It's been since June and it is, shall I say, no longer a style, but a hot mess of grown out-ness. Only the headband makes it look a little more classy because it sort of hides the grown out sides. I will stand for this no longer. In about an hour I will have my hair cut back up above my shoulders, with actual side swept bangs once again. This is the before:

Note my hair doesn't really look that bad at this length, but the layers at the bottom really need cleaning up, and I really have to do something with the bangs that are, shown above, held to the side with a headband.
I spent all summer here in Baltimore, and so I never really had time to book an appointment with my usual stylist at home in KC. So i ventured out on a limb and made an appointment with a salon here in Baltimore.
Sprout is an all natural salon (i.e. no chemicals! even in their dye!). The winner for me is that they give you a ten minute scalp massage with essential oil. So great. Afters to be posted around 2ish.

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