braided bun!

I'm loving this super easy dutch braided sock bun tutorial.
It's pretty, and would make a great updo for a special event.


Liberty for Doc Martens!

I'm not the hugest fan of the Doc Marten boots- I wouldn't be able to carry them off.  But I do love Liberty prints and those satchel bags are fabulous!
Available in May at Liberty of London online.


Amazing Costuming and Needlework!

I just discovered the Hermitage's online catalog, which is amazing and filled with inspiring costuming... 
I've been emailing my mom, who is a textile artist, images all afternoon. 
The embroidery on these dresses is amazing! Click on the images to open them up larger in another window. They're all so detailed you almost have to look at them larger! 

 Ceremonial Court Dress of Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna, 1850's
Ceremonial Court Dress (according to legend, belong to Empress Maria Fydorovna, 1820's
Chamberlain's Ceremonial Uniform and Key, late 19th - early 20th century

Empress Alexandra Fydorovna's Masquerade Dress (17th century Ceremonial Dress of a Russian Tzarina) 1903
Evening Dress of Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna, Early 20th century
Priest's Vestments: Stole and Chasuble, First half of the 19th century
Shawl, second half of the 19th century
All images from the Hermitage Museum


unseasonably warm

It's been so warm in New York. I spent yesterday afternoon in my neighborhood park because my apartment was just too hot. I still can't believe it's only April, but I'm wearing a tank top out and about. Also, I think I've mastered liquid eye liner finally. I'm rocking winged eyes today.


bunny print

Do you like my new tank? This is my first sewing project in quite awhile. My mom was in New York about 2 weeks ago for a visit, and while she was here we ran through most of the fabric stores in the garment district. I bought a yard of this adorable bunny print silk, and I finally made a little racer back tank out of it.

 The print is incredibly similar to this Phillip Lim pattern from 2009. Though it looks like the Phillip Lim fabric is more sheer than what I have. In any case, the tank will be perfect for Easter!


rosy pink

I just gave myself the cutest at home mani.
I'm really enjoying this dark rosy-pink.
It's just about the cheapest nail polish ever at $1.99!
Spoiled by Wet and Wild in My Silicone Popped.
Sorry for the crazy picture. My nail polish is not being zapped by a lazer!


ombre brights!

How gorgeous are these bright ombre nails?
Sort of a rif on the typical ombre nail trend where you paint each nail a different shade.
This would be fun for Valentine's day tomorrow.


lovin' bright colors lately

All of these images caught my eye today. Pink, blue, yellow, busy florals, graphic prints... I'm lovin' all of this!
(images, clockwise 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)


is it spring yet?

Neon accessories are such a fun trend for spring. I'm especially fond of the pinks and yellows I've been spotting all over the internet and magazine. In an effort to resist spending all of my money, I pretend shopped and put this little collage together. This is what my bag would look like if I had unlimited funds for frivolous bright things and I had the guts to pull off this many brights at once!

1. Gap Neon City Flat in Neon Pink
2. Max and Chloe Ettika Neon Green and Rhinestone Bangle
3. La Mer Collections Neon Yellow Wrap Watch
4. Longchamp Le Pliage Tote in Cyclamen
5. Le Pen in Pink
6. Moleskine Notebook in Orange Yellow
7. Bobbi Brown Neon and Nude Lipgloss in Cosmic Pink
8. Kate Spade Tudor City Lacey Wallet in Bright Yellow
9. Art Keychain in Neon Yellow
10. Aqua Neon Studded Earrings in Yellow
11. Face Stockholm nail polish in Highlighter
12. Selima Optique for Crewcuts Scout Glasses in Beet


she was working in a bridal shop in flushing, queens...

I don't think any broadcast stations in Brooklyn still plays this in syndication... this makes me sad.


lilly love

I love lilly. It's so fun to wear an obnoxiously bright printed garment in public.


will someone please invite me to their British wedding so I can wear a crazy hat?

Happy 30th birthday, Kate!
I'm super jealous of all your neat hats! 
Re-live some british royal wedding hat moments with me here, here and here...