sixteen days!

16 days until I fly to the Netherlands to see Colin again!
We're traveling by train to a few other European destinations for his spring break, & I've been working on my packing skills. I need to travel light!
 I'm usually a terrible over packer because I try to anticipate anything and everything I'll possibly need.
But I'm only taking a carry-on for this 16 day trip so I can't overpack at all!
This is going to be challenging, but if Rick Steves thinks I can do it, I can!
The picture above is of my in front of a kerk in the the Hague from when I dropped Colin off at KABK in September.


sea cap #566

I just finished this cowl. I started it during thesis last year at MICA. I need the catharsis of knitting to get me through my senior show. 
The yarn is a really pretty sea foam color of Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky, and it's super soft. I bought it on some trip Colin and I took to NYC during college at Purl Soho and finally started knitting with it last spring. 
When I moved from Baltimore, the half knitted scarf got packed up in my yarn box and just sat for about 9 months until the other day when I picked it back up.
I really like it, though I'm beginning to amass a large collection of cowls and infinity scarves. Today it makes me feel like a cupcake, wearing it with this pink sweater. 
Also, have you noticed how long my hair has gotten?!



This morning I am listening to Strauss waltzes on pandora, and browsing these dreamy pictures.
I'm loving the 30's styling of the clothes and the mossy english estate as a backdrop for the photos.


on the wings of a dove

One of my high school friends is in town for a winter break from acting school.
I played this song for her tonight, since she's taking voice classes now, and this happens to be my favorite gospel song.
Ferlin Huskey's face is super animated in this video too. Just a plus.


Paper Cut Elevations

I went to see a Barbie exhibit at the Toy and Miniature museum with my mom Sunday and came across these amazing paper cut elevations of houses. 
Sorry for the crappy quality pictures, they were unfortunately from my phone.
The only information I could get on the artist was her name, Corinne Workmaster, and that these were cut by hand in 1979. After a couple of google searches, there isn't any info on the artist online either.
But the work is still amazing. Drafting elevations this nice are hard enough, so I'm astounded by how much detail is in these paper cuts!



I am in LOVE with these amazing editorial shots from Vogue Girl Korea from October 2010.
Knitting and fashion!
Happy 2011 friends!