sixteen days!

16 days until I fly to the Netherlands to see Colin again!
We're traveling by train to a few other European destinations for his spring break, & I've been working on my packing skills. I need to travel light!
 I'm usually a terrible over packer because I try to anticipate anything and everything I'll possibly need.
But I'm only taking a carry-on for this 16 day trip so I can't overpack at all!
This is going to be challenging, but if Rick Steves thinks I can do it, I can!
The picture above is of my in front of a kerk in the the Hague from when I dropped Colin off at KABK in September.


MsMorganLeigh said...

I'm sooo excited for you! I know you will BUT take a zillion pictures!

Don't leave home without some imodium. :) Love you.

I haven't forgotten about my blog post that I am supposed to be writing for you.

colinmford said...

Actually it's the Ridderzaal, a hall for state events like opening a new session of parliament.