Paper Cut Elevations

I went to see a Barbie exhibit at the Toy and Miniature museum with my mom Sunday and came across these amazing paper cut elevations of houses. 
Sorry for the crappy quality pictures, they were unfortunately from my phone.
The only information I could get on the artist was her name, Corinne Workmaster, and that these were cut by hand in 1979. After a couple of google searches, there isn't any info on the artist online either.
But the work is still amazing. Drafting elevations this nice are hard enough, so I'm astounded by how much detail is in these paper cuts!

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Raina said...

Hi Katie. I just stumbled across your blog site and realized that you posted about the artwork by my grandmother, Corinne. She is still alive and well and cranking out art like crazy. She is an amazing woman and if you would like any additional information about her, please feel free to contact me at rainaw8860@aol.com.
Thanks for posting it. I will be sure to let her know.

Raina Workmaster