Up There

Up There is a really beautiful mini documentary about sign painters and mural advertisements. It is a wonderful twelve minute experience, and I hope you take the time to enjoy it as much as I do.



Peonies are my absolute favorite flower. Late May is always a wonderful in KC, everyone's yards are blooming with huge, tissuey glory.
 My parents have a huge peony bush behind their house, and all the flowers are in full bloom right now. I cut a bunch of these big, pink, fluffy blossoms and put them in a vintage yellow pitcher. The colors are just so pretty! Especially in the late afternoon sun on my parents front porch.


Vintage-y Speakers

I'm considering buying a new ipod dock/speaker for my house... I really want something that will blend in with the majority vintage furniture I have, or have inherited. I was thinking about this crosby vintage looking speakers. What do you think?


Video Tour

Video Tour of my thesis show at MICA
I recorded this for my bff morgan, because she can't be in baltimore for my graduation. I thought it might be nice to post it here too though...


Channeling my inner preppy today

Would a real prepster be so frugal? This whole outfit cost less than my lunch did yesterday...
Ralph Lauren Shirt - on sale at Filenes Basement store closing $8
Coach Striped Elastic and Leather Belt - garage sale last summer in Crestwood in KC $. 50
Lilly Pulitzer pink mermaid mini - Village Thrift $3

I finally finished printing my thesis work on Monday... So I'll be framing and photographing everything late this week. The show will hang Tuesdayish, so pictures to follow after that!