she was working in a bridal shop in flushing, queens...

I don't think any broadcast stations in Brooklyn still plays this in syndication... this makes me sad.


lilly love

I love lilly. It's so fun to wear an obnoxiously bright printed garment in public.


will someone please invite me to their British wedding so I can wear a crazy hat?

Happy 30th birthday, Kate!
I'm super jealous of all your neat hats! 
Re-live some british royal wedding hat moments with me here, here and here...


new boots

Earlier this week my trusty knee high boots totally broke. As in, the heel completely fell off while I was in SOHO. It was terrible, and they weren't worth fixing as they were completely fake leather and sort of poor quality to begin with. To be honest, I was surprised at how long they had held up for being cheap boots.  They lived with me through two walking heavy trips to Europe with Colin and the first few cold months I've lived in New York.
This is the only picture I could find that included my feet in the old boots- in front of Buckingham Palace's gates last February.
The new boots were bought spur of the moment online. Since my old boots had become unwearable now, in January, at the end of boot buying season, I was worried about finding a new pair that were cute and still available in my size. I was looking at a few pairs that were faux leather, but really preferred all leather boots. I LOVED Frye's Dorado boots and Madewell's Archive boots, but at $458 and $298 respectively, they were out of my budget.
(the frye doradoss on the top, the madwell archive boots below)
So after some intensive internet searching, I found these riding boots on Zara's website... major bonus, they had just gone on sale. Even better, these boots are leather and not plastic! I hope they hold up on the punishing streets of Brooklyn. I'm so excited to break them in for the next few months of cold(ish) weather in New York!

I love masterpiece theatre...

I can't wait until Sunday when season 2 begins!
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