is it spring yet?

Neon accessories are such a fun trend for spring. I'm especially fond of the pinks and yellows I've been spotting all over the internet and magazine. In an effort to resist spending all of my money, I pretend shopped and put this little collage together. This is what my bag would look like if I had unlimited funds for frivolous bright things and I had the guts to pull off this many brights at once!

1. Gap Neon City Flat in Neon Pink
2. Max and Chloe Ettika Neon Green and Rhinestone Bangle
3. La Mer Collections Neon Yellow Wrap Watch
4. Longchamp Le Pliage Tote in Cyclamen
5. Le Pen in Pink
6. Moleskine Notebook in Orange Yellow
7. Bobbi Brown Neon and Nude Lipgloss in Cosmic Pink
8. Kate Spade Tudor City Lacey Wallet in Bright Yellow
9. Art Keychain in Neon Yellow
10. Aqua Neon Studded Earrings in Yellow
11. Face Stockholm nail polish in Highlighter
12. Selima Optique for Crewcuts Scout Glasses in Beet

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Lori said...

i am seriously in love with that longchamp bag. i think i'm adding it to my valentine's wishlist! thanks for sharing this!

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