Halloween weekend was a blur, and I don't have any good pictures to share yet...

Oh poor poor neglected blog. This Halloween weekend took all of my energy and left no time for me to post my costume. So here it is!
I decided to be the Very Hungry Caterpillar from, well, The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.
A better picture is coming as soon as I get it off the boyfriends big fancy camera. It's a shot of the whole thing because my mom insisted on being emailed something nice and presentable. The picture below is sadly, not very complete... and it's pretty hard to even see that there are eyes and antenna on the hat at all. Just wait until the joyous moment later today when I have a nice looking picture to share, okay?

The costume was all pretty easy. I bought a cotton dress and leggings online and tie dyed them, attached some felt legs to the dress, and put felt eyes and antenna on the hat. My weekend has been so full of Halloween, that it's a little strange that it's all ready November and I have lots lots lots of work to do for school. I have a print exchange coming up next monday, so pictures of that print are coming soon.

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angelina la dawn said...

i was wandering around the blogoshpere and found yours. i love it! and i love that you're from KC. i haven't lived there for many years but i heart it