I was sick, and now I'm better, but I didn't get a whole lot done this weekend...

I'm still alive, I'm just always working!
For proof, here is an update on that etching plate I showed you before...

Also, I got some nasty bug from my boyfriend. I made him chicken noodle soup on Wednesday night, had a cough by Thursday and then it all went downhill from there. Friday I tried to stick it out, but by dinner, I was miserable. I spent all of Saturday with several boxes of tissues and my butt firmly planted on the couch feeling gross. Sunday was a little more productive, but i still feel like I lost a lot of valuable work time.

In other news, KCUR is on itunes radio!!!!! Woo! I'm pretty sure they probably have been for a while, but I just discovered this today... So even in Baltimore I can listen to NPR from home in Kansas City. What is also great about KCUR, they don't carry the Diane Rehm show. Not to dump on Miss Rehm, she's a wonderful talk show host, it's just that Baltimore and dc NPR affiliates carry her show for TWO whole hours in the middle of the day. Usually when I am free to listen. So there is no mixing up what you hear every single day... Even though Diane Rehm is out for three weeks for a cruise with NPR listeners or something. See, I listen to her everyday because I have to... because I love NPR.
 So, thanks KCUR! You brightened my day by being on Itunes!

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