I can't believe it's OCTOBER!

Working on some new etchings today.
I have a thesis board (basically a critique that decides my grade for the semester, by way of a jury of mixed faculty) on November 16th. That means I have 41 days to get the best work possible pumped out. This lovely picture is of the very first stage of the copper plate etching I'm working on right at this very moment.

I look crazed, but really I've just spent too much of today with printmaking chemicals.
Also, I went apple picking this weekend!
We got excited and accidentally bought 19+ pounds of apples. Oh well. I all ready made an apple pie and an apple crisp. I have plans for stewed apples, apple sauce, apple butter and pork tenderloin with apples.


Jessie said...

Well, aren't you a cutie pie!?

Love the etching. ;)

Elizabeth said...

Oh man! I'm going apple picking next weekend. I told my little sister about it today, and she said, "Gah, what a nerd." I'm glad you were excited about it too :)

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Wow, you are super ambitious. Good luck with the apple dishes!

Plus, can't wait to see your project.