It has been so long since I last posted. This is mostly due to the face that I had an epic journey from Kansas City, to Memphis to Philadelphia to Baltimore for the last week.
I do have pictures to share though, from this adventure. Morgan, my best friend, goes to school in Memphis, so I decided to roadtrip back with her to school and fly out of Tennessee to get back to the east coast before MICA starts. Morgan hates Elvis, so her buying me tickets to Graceland was a pretty awesome gift. True story, Morgan refused to even take her mom to Graceland. Yeah. Also, let me appologize now for the sideways photos.

sorry this is sideways. We drove from Kansas City to Memphis. We stopped in New Madrid, Missouri to look at the Mississippi river. We were informed by Morgan's dad that it is not pronouced the way you would think, but rather as New MAD-RIDE.

We stopped by an outlet mall, and found Beer! Food! Fun!

The audio tour at Graceland begins.

Again, sorry it's sideways. But look at that sweet purple poodle wall paper. This was in Elvis' parents bathroom.
I really love my cowboy boots.

Seriously Elvis, carpet in the kitchen?

weird mirrored stairwell to the basement.

navy and yellow super intense tv room

completely upholstered billiards room.

me in the jungle room

more jungle room


platinum cassette tape

neat envelope in the museum

fan art embroidery that makes elvis look super pouty

racquette ball court that was turned into a hall of shiny records

tiger jump suit!

fan collage

denmark has an undieing love for elvis


rock chalk jay hawk, go ku!

we found a travelocity roaming gnome at Sun records

famous ducks at the Peabody Hotel

beale street!

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