sometimes i am convinced i have vertigo.
i saw a doctor show once that said that mild to moderate vertigo is because you loosen crystals that grown in your ear and they rattle around and hit your ear in the place that helps you balance and makes you experience vertigo.
sometimes i feel like im really slowly spinning. even if i have eaten normally and gotten plenty of sleep.
maybe my crystals are wonky.
because i am spinning...

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Jeremy and Kathleen said...

Katie - I have vertigo too! Sometimes I feel completely sideways in my chair. After I graduated college I had it so bad I couldn't eat. I think mine may be somewhat stress induced.

Anyways, thank you for your comment on my blog! SO helpful.

I loved screen printing in college. We had the best resources (like the huge tanning bed burner that was also a huge vacuum) so figuring out how to do a downscaled at-home version of that is a little overwhelming but your post definitely helps.

I will keep you updated.