pink in the hague

So I made it to Europe safe and sound... but maybe with a teeensy bit of jet lag.

 I wanted to post this for two reasons.
1. This is possibly the most texture my hair has had recently, and it's not even that wavy. I slept on it damp and it came out nice. Straight hair makes you pine for texture.
2. My top matches my flowers! Colin bought me peonies and brought them to the airport when he picked me up Friday. Peonies are, if you didn't know, my favorite flower. But they are also a super fickle, picky flower, so he's never been able to find any to gift me before. 
Gotta love that the Netherlands is still experiencing what is very early spring weather for the Mid-western united states. Peony season is all but over anywhere the weather has gotten over 85 in the states.
On a side note, I really like this top. Blush has sort of been an obsession for me lately. Not that I was ever that adverse to pink. I enjoy being girly and I think pink tends to be a fairly flattering color on me. But blush has super trendy lately and I've been loving it.
This is from Forever 21 and is a textured ribbon knit. I also dig the dolman sleeve.  

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