In ten days, I'm leaving for Europe, where I'll be traveling for just over a month. I am a notoriously terrible over-packer and learning to pack frugally when I visit Colin in the Hague has been a challenge. When I visited in February, I only pack a carry on for the 2 weeks I was there and I loved the freedom of not bringing too much stuff. 
Inspired by Kendi Everyday's 30 for 30 remix challenges, I'm sharing my packing list for the month + that I'll be abroad. 
These are my 30 remixing pieces! This includes jewelry, scarves, belts or undergarments, which I don't feel like really count as clothing staples and/or take up much suitcase space. 
I will not be in climates that in anyway match the super hot, humid, Midwestern summers I'm used to!
The Hague has been topping out at about 70 degrees, so these items are more of my sprint rather than summer wardrobe.
30 packed/remixing pieces:
6 tops:
1 Target Baseball tee (similar here),
 1 J.Crew Perfect fit 3/4 sleeve tee (similar here
 2 tanks for layering, both J.Crew Perfect Fit tanks
 2 Button down tops:
1 vintage creme blouse (similar here)
1 Tommy Hilfiger pool blue gingham oxford (similar here)
 4 cardigans:
1 Forever 21 stripped cardigan (similar here),
1 J.Crew outlet camel cardigan (similar here)
 2 pullover sweaters:
1 Loft bat wing sweater (similar here),
1 Forever 21 open knit sweater (similar here)
4 skirts:
1 handmade denim (similar here),
1 J.Crew Outlet campus cord mini (similar here),
1 Tommy Hilfiger chambray mini (similar here),
 2 pairs pants:
1 pair skinny jeans
 5 dresses:
1 loft knit dress (similar here),
1 Modcloth eyelet dress (similar here),
1 Forever 21 knit 3/4 sleeve dress (similar here),
1 UO nautical stripped dress (similar here),
1 green mini dress (similar here)

I did this mostly to hold myself accountable and not over pack. I'm going on a mini vacay with my bestie to southern  Missouri, then to Philly to drop off the things I'm moving at Colin's mom's house, then immediately to Europe. 
I really cannot over pack.

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