easter egg color nails

So, I painted my nails and I am a weirdo. 
I got really excited about these pastel colors though, thus the strange faces.
The toe color is Essie Mint Candy Apple, and I've had it for almost a year. I love it. It's the perfect opaque minty color but without being a gloppy, thick polish. 
The nail color is Essie Nice is Nice. Lilac is surprisingly flattering. I also like the color purple. 
I've been on a purple kick lately. 
Notice I'm wearing a purple shirt. Yeah.
Sorry I look CRAZY and that I'm holding my foot. 
I was on planes all day flying home from Philly. So I'm more than a little loopy from all that recycled air.
Thursday I turn around and leave again for the Netherlands. 
For a month and 4 days. Yeah, I'm cool like that and take super long European vacations. 
We can just pretend I'm vacationing because I have massive amounts of leisure time and disposable income and not because I'm seeing Colin graduate and then taking advantage of traveling before his dutch lease is up. 
Yeah. I'm just hoity toity. Let's go with that.
I have been mildly busy. I'm making this daisy-sixties-mod-pink-green desktop background for my bestie, Morgan.
The desktop I have on my laptop, which you can kinda see in the screen capture, is that pink chevron stripe, which has my monogram in the middle (in an orange-y coral, incase you're curious). 
I'm sort of obsessed with monograms. 
The only other person I know who appreciates them as much is Morgan, so she asked for a pink and green pattern for herself. I'm thinking about hiding the monogram in it sort of like a Lily Pulitzer pattern.

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