Den Haag, Nederlands

I'm back from the Hague!
Colin is starting Koninklijke Academie van Deeldende Kunsten (KABK), in the Hague as a grad student in their type and media program. 
If you want to read his blog of Nederland adventures, you can do so here...
Check out that massive bike stand out front of the school!
These lamps were in the student affairs office, and they were awesome. 
This photo is not at all that great, but they were rusted wire "lamps". So neat.
The canal across from KABK is filled with lily pads and ducks.
The architecture is amazing. A lot of buildings have glorious art deco details, just like the ones above!
I want this bakefiets so bad! 
It's a dutch cargo style bike, where there is a wheelbarrow ish crate in front of a normal bike frame. 
Most are just wooden, but this one was gorgeous patterned laminate.
We went to Florcencia for ice cream 4 nights in a row. 
I had the most delicious amaretto ice cream the first night.
I loved their truck too, penguins with popsicles!
Then there was this crazy dutch carnival. Colin and I went on opening night.
It was unlike anything I've ever seen in the US.
Probably because the insurance would be astronomical to have some of the crazy rides they had here.
Seriously, they had a ball shaped cage on a bungee cord that shot up and whipped you around 50+ feet in the air.
We went to Amsterdam to see the Dutch Royal Palace. 
In the first picture, it's on the far left, covered in scaffolding. 
They're cleaning and restoring the facade, so sadly it was out a view. 
The inside was very fancy and palatial though. Look at those chandeliers!
We also visited the Mauritshuis in the Hague, 
which is a museum that houses the girl with a pearl earring Vermeer!
I like fountains. This really pretty gold plated one was next to the Mauritshuis.

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