MORGAN! Don't read this! If you want to read this, DON'T, it's a SURPRISE!

Have you heard of lux addiction
They make these super intensely jeweled cell phone cases. Which are sort of tacky fabulous... I mean, Ariel on a glittery phone or a HUGE rhinestone hello kitty screams tack-tasm.
But with a price tag of almost $80, are not the cheapest fad to partake in. You should go check them out though, they're kind of amazing...
My bestie Morgan has a birthday coming up (on Halloween!) and I had been thinking about what to get her for awhile. I decided to jewel out an ipod case for her, since she doesn't have a smart phone yet and she embraces tackyness to the fullest. 
I thought it seemed like a straight forward enough craft- glue a bunch of gems to a case.
This is what I started with. I was shocked with how much plastic gems cost! 
The majority of these are from the scrapbook section, because I had more choice in colors and sizes there.
I went with a clear/silver, pink and green theme, since Morgan is fairly preppy.
The case is from T.J.Maxx. It's very important that the case be hard and not silicone to get the gems to stick and stay on. That case, as you see, is not very girly. Just wait. 
The whole spread. Clockwise from top left, rhinestone brads, pink flower stones, pink snowflake ornaments (which I didn't end up using), rhinestones on sticky back made to go on flip flops, sticky backed stones for scrapbooks, hard ipod case, box of various size/shape green gems from the scrapbook section, stick on scrapbook gems, palm tree and flamingo glitter buttons (backs snipped off with an xacto!) 
If you want to use sticker backed gems, just use a finger or an xacto blade to pop them off the sticky sheet. You want to use your gem adhesive and not the sticker glue to hold the stones down.
 These big round gems were actually brads from the scrapbook section. 
I popped the brad backing off with an xacto blade.
 I ripped this rhinestone Christmas ornament apart for the big stones.
Part done jeweling the ipod case. 
I used Aleens Jewel-it, which sets to a gel so the stones have some give when they set, and won't just snap right off.
Not gonna lie, bedazzling was tedious. This probably took me 3+ hours in total.
I had a broken phone case and extra rhinestones, so I bejeweled my phone case as well. 
It's silly, super tacky, and really huge now, but I kind of like it!
 Finished ipod case, slider bottom attached.
 See, the bottom just pops on and off...
 Rhinestone bedecked front.
 Another of the back of the ipod case. 
Some advice if you want to try this, fill in little tiny holes later with more tiny tiny stones after the main bejeweled part is dry. That will make it a little 3-D and more professional and covered totally.
Now to my phone case.
Look how crazy this is! I have a glitter flamingo on my phone! 
 Even the top is covered up.
 This is still kind of silly to use in public.
 Both together. It looks like a pair of grammas in the 90's!
So I hope Morgan likes her baller ipod case, and I hope I have enough courage to let people actually see me using mine in public!

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