prizes from my trip to Holland

I didn't bring back a lot from Holland. 
Namely I was there to help Colin get settled, so we didn't do much shopping or touristy things.
I did get a few small keepsakes though.
A Miffy mug! Miffy, or Nijntje in Dutch, is a little bunny character created by Dick Bruna in the early fifties, and is kind of a staple of Dutch children's books and character anything. This mug also has an adorable little windmill on it. I technically gave this to my mom, but we'll be sharing it I think.
I look really goofy and suspicious in that first photo, but I got a little bird creamer from the same place (Douwe Egberts) Colin had gotten me this tea cup and saucer. It's not from the same line, but matches really well, and is just downright adorable. Colin is looking for a sugar bowl for me if it ever gets into that Douwe Egberts store!
I also picked up this odd little tea ball duck. It floats on top of your cup! And it has a little rest so it won't drip all over the table.
Finally, a little carved wooden tulip. I really like this. 
I sort of want more, to make a whole bouquet. They had dozens of colors.
Oh well, something to collect on my next trip to see Colin!
Asides that, I also bought a longchamp shopping tote. 
It was SO affordable compared to what these retail for in the states. 
Mine is a nice slate-y graphite color.
I also about a few postcards, most of which were mailed while we were there.

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