estate sale decor

I recently just pulled a bunch of photos off my phone's camera, and thought I would share with you. 
I attend a lot of estate sales. A LOT. 
My dad is retired and works from home, and really enjoys looking at houses, so he likes to go to estate sales and poke around and sometimes buy some old tools. He's my built in estate sale buddy when I'm in KC.
I typically buy vintage home wares for my etsy (shop update soon, I promise!) or accessories for myself.
Bue sometimes I find absolutely weird/amazing decor. Here are just a few snaps of some things that people actually lived with, in their homes, and had no idea I was snooping during their estate sales.
Super 70's wallpaper. I should take more photos of this. Practically every house around here has some thing super vintage and borderline tacky papering their walls. This one was of note because A) I sort of liked the crazy moire pattern and stripes and B) it was iridescent! It shimmered!
 At another sale. I found this cute little built in basement entertaining cabana. They sunk the fridge into the wood paneling! This house even had faux window boxes on the inside in the rest of the basement. I thought the awning was cute, despite the fact that the rest of the basement was unfinished, and was poorly suited to entertaining.
This is from the same sale as the photos below. This dog was about 3 feet tall, incredibly creepy, and was marked for bids starting at $200! Apparently the lady who lived in this house kept it by the fireplace in lieu of real pets in the house...
Last but not least, this enormous mirrored tub Vegas style bath. This is from the same house with the stuffed dog. The tub was entirely Italian marble, the faucet was shaped like a bird and plated in actual gold. Believe me, I asked the people running the sale all about the bathroom after I took these photos. The previous homeowners completed this look with mini statutes of Michelangelo's David and floor to ceiling mirrors. Next to the tub was a bump out with an enclosed shower and a hardwood sauna. Yes, you read that correctly, they also had a sauna built in.
From the second photo, you can see the matching marble vanity. This was totally over the top for a bathroom in my humble opinion, but I guess people want what people want. 
Living in the lap of luxury in Prairie Village, Kansas. I wonder what the realtor would describe this bathroom as?

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