Glittery Vinyl I found in my high school fabric stash turns out some pretty classy crafts

Apparently my parents house is the location of katie craft-tacular 2k9/2k10.
Today I was digging around in my closets here and found some delightful glittery vinyl that I bought for a project in high school. We had some assignment to make a purse that didn't look like a normal purse. So I made a glittery "toaster purse" with an attached "piece of toast" brown wool felt change purse. I thought it was awesome then, but I was only 15, so you can't really blame me that much.
So I was thinking, what can I do with glitter vinyl?
I thought my laptop sleeve was looking kinda shabby, so I started googling around for ideas for a cute new laptop sleeve design. I stumbled across this really great Lauren Merkin gold leather laptop envelope. I don't think they sell it anymore, as I couldn't find it on her site. Thank goodness for google images though, for revealing this gem.

So I see that gorgeous gold leather envelope and I have I a VOILA moment. Scallops are so cute, out of the ordinary and easy to just cut on the vinyl as the edges won't fray. That means no hems! WOO!
So I traced out the flap scallops on some newspaper, cut out the vinyl and pinked the inside edges edges and sewed one simple seam around the bottom three edges.

I think it turned out pretty well. It fits my laptop like a dream.
 I still need to add a little velcro to the bottom of the flap to keep it closed. I think that I'll sew it in on the very bottom scallop and cover the sewn part with a cute little button in a fun color on the outside of the sleeve.
Now I can tote my laptop in style!

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