finals finals finals

I sold 12 owls!
And made boat loads of money at Art Market!
Okay, not boat loads, unless it's a pretty small boat to fill. But I did make more than I do in my bi-monthly work study paychecks in the span of 4 days.
I have two owls left that someone never came to pick up. So I will be photographing them and listing them on etsy with some prints by the end of this coming week.
Finals are now in full swing. Since I conveniently took the ENTIRE weekend off to frantically make lots of owls and entertain all of my friends who came up from d.c., I now have lots and lots on my plate.
I have no free time until Thursday night.
I leave on an airplane, with a stop in newark, nj, to go home on Sunday. Then christmas is the Friday following that.
My bestie leaves me to visit her older, grad-program-attending-paris-living boyfriend the 26th through after New Years.
Then I drive back to Memphis with her, and fly to balty from there around the 13th.
Whirl wind of stuff to do if you ask me.
I have pictures of the Printmaking Department booth to post when I get Colin's camera cord.
And the owls that didn't sell to show you soon.

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