owls... i have lots of owls to make

I totally just finished one of my owls for artmarket. Now, to finish the other ten.

So here is my first owl plushie. I fully intend to list these on etsy over winter break, when I actually have time to make something that isn't related to my thesis.

Oh, and sorry I look like a CRAZY face in the picture. This is what making owls does to me?
I can't believe that this semester is really almost over. What am I gong to do with my life after art school?

This week through next week is a mess for me... just all work and no play basically.
My thesis final crit is on Monday. Which means I need to put my nose to the grind stone on some intaglio prints and book projects that are just not quite good enough yet.
Sunday I have to work all day on campus. MICA is hosting a National Portfolio Review day, so there will be 1200+ people on campus, and luck me admissions work study gets to help out. It's not that I don't like these events. I actually really like working our weekend events... It's just that with the thesis deadline breathing down my neck, missing out on most of Sunday as work time is a little stressful. Oh well, at least I get paid.
Then Wednesday of next week is Art Market. That means Wednesday - Saturday are fun filled days of me manically checking in every 4 or 5 hours to see if anything I had sold. I should have friends coming to visit from DC though, at the end of next week. If you are in the DC/Balty area, you should come down to MICA to get some affordable art and gifts. You know, you could even by an original print or owl friend made by me!

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Elizabeth said...

I love your face! And owls are so in. I need one. But then that would lead to a collection.