Art Market cont'd and a blizzard in Baltimore!

Art Market photos finally. This is the printmaking department area. We had 8 tables all together I think.

Also, in new news, Baltimore has been covered in 14 + inches of snow. This caused my flight home to the midwest to be cancelled yesterday. I am now flying out of Philly on Wednesday. Continential Airlines called it being reaccomodated. Here is proof of the snow.

Thats me standing in a driveway. This was to illustrate that the snow was up to my knees. Granted, my knees aren't really the highest thing from the ground (I'm only 5' 2"ish)... But still, we got a lot of snow.

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strawberry lemonade girl said...

Lawdy that is a LOT of snow!!
Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. Super sweet of ya! (how cool your friend designed those Adler pillows!)

Have a cool time at Graceland and post pix for sure!

Happy Holidays,