finals are half done and I'm reading a boring book

Finals are not so fun. At least these are almost the last ones I ever have to take in undergrad.
I've all ready had two critques, which means I have two more and a paper to turn in. I am a busy bee.
I have a book project and some photos to put up once I get them back from my teacher Thursday night.

My schedule is as follows:
Today/Wednesday, 4 pm (thats in about an hour when I finally get to leave work)
- six hour environmental design crit
Today/Wednesday, 10pm
- finish book project for morning
Today/Wednesday, 12am
- finish another owl for commission for my friend Ainsley (all that is left is the embroidery and stuffing)
- bake apple bread for sanity and class in morning
Thursday, 9am
-critique for the book arts class I TA, present my independent project
Thursday, 12pm-7pm
- finish science paper/book report on the most boring book I have read in a very long time. Please reference picture below.
Thursday, 7pm
- turn in said paper
Thursday, 10pm
- going away party for a friend who is a December graduate
Friday, All day
- blissful sleep
Friday, 8pm
- ugly sweater party with colin
Saturday, 7pm
- colin's job's christmas dinner/party at a lebanese restaurant (so excited!)
Sunday, 10:30am
- depart baltimore for newark, nj for my layover
Sunday , 12:30pm
- depart newark for the land of beef brisket and bbq
Sunday, 3pm
- arrive home to do nothing and finally see my parents

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