Crafting when you're snowed in is the best!

I am currently at my parent's house in Kansas City for the Holidays. I was briefly stranded on the east coast due to snow, and just barely scooted out of Philly after a short stay with Colin before snow killed all the flights coming into the midwest.
We've been snowed in more or less since a white Christmas snow storm we had at the end of last week. Not as much snow as we got in Baltimore before I left, but enough to make driving to my families homes on Christmas problematic.
So, being cooped up at home this much has gotten me thinking about craft projects I could work on to stifle my cabin fever. I had a party to attend last night, so I whipped up a cute little headband to wear during the afternoon.
The party was a grade school reunion. It was strange, but super fun to hang out with people  that I grew up with but probably really haven't seen since high school at the earliest. Anyways...
I really like frilly headbands, but it seems like every time I would try one on, the flowers or bows always sit at a weird place on my head and look really silly. So making my own lets to control where the flowers and sticky outy bits on the headbands get to sit.
To make the headband I glued some grosgrain ribbon to a plastic headband and made two little rosettes out of some scraps of black lace my mom had snagged from my grandparents house a couple of weeks ago.
One genius trick for glueing on the ribbon is to use diamond glaze. It is a runny glue, but sets really fast, dries clear and clings to the plastic headbands like no other! I was using cheap dollar store thin plastic headbands intended for little girls, so I didn't really want the orange glittery headband to show through. You can check out Diamond Glaze here, but it is pretty readily available at most craft stores. I will totally be using for any headband projects in the future.
Here are the pictures:

I know you can't see the detail really at all in this, but I put it up to show you how I wore the headband...

I made my flowers by sort of gathering a skinny strip of the lace fabric and sewing it together at the bottom edge in a spiral shape. I have found some pretty good fabric flower tutorials though, if you want to make your own with more specific instructions. These headbands are such a quick fulfilling project. This one only took me about 20 minutes.
Links - 
Flowers for the toes of Slippers (but would look great on a headband or a pin too!)
DIY wedding Headbands (SO pretty!)
Fabric Roses and Peonies (peonies are my favorite flower, and this martha stewart site gives you templates to print)

This morning, the roads were beginning to look a little bit better, so I hit up a thrift store on my way home from a doctors appointment.
I must have floral fever, because I picked out this cute floral tin today. I think I will use it to store jewelry. I also scored a cute apricot colored cardi and a pair of nine west flats. All for $11! The thrifting here in the midwest really is the best!

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