I've sewn a new dress...

One of the things I was really looking forward to being able to do this summer was more sewing.
In school, especially during my senior year, I really had little time for anything that wasn't relevant to printmaking.
This afternoon, I sewed up a new dress. I have stacks of vintage fabric, ready to be used, but I found this silky purple and navy print at JoAnn fabrics of all places yesterday. Usually I end up pretty unimpressed with JoAnn's selection, but this watercolor-y yardage called out to me. 
I drafted a basic pattern, similar to a green dress that I own. Basically just two wrap top portions with ruching at the shoulders, a back piece and a skirt. I even added french seams to make it more finished inside.
This fabric has a really nice drape for a synthetic knit. It also doesn't fray much, making it easy to work with. I think JoAnn's actually classified it as a "silky print". Yeah. 
Here is a really awkward angle for a detail of the fabric pattern. It has lilac, purple, yellowish green, teal and taupe-y gray confetti spots on a navy ground.

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