New watercolor sketches

I worked on a few watercolor sketches today. I've been trying to perfect using layers of tissue paper like a substitute for washes of watercolor, or to make interesting textures and layers. I have an intaglio print from  2009 that I used silver and blue tissue paper as a chine colle under printing, and I thought it looked pretty neat, so I wanted to experiment with multiple layers of tissue. It's really subtle, and these photos don't really do the work justice, but here is a little look-see.

These little domes have layers of drawing (the geometric lines of the dome structure) drawn on several layers of tissue, then glued down in layers over light water color wash.

This big dome has the negative space between the structure of the dome filled in with two slightly different blueish tones. A layer of plain tissue is layered over the top and more watercolor added.

Hopefully these are a good start to more paintings and prints.

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