I am and will be a busy, busy bee...

I have so many things coming up in March and April...
  • Colin and I are heading to Disney next Friday the 12th.
  • Southern Graphics is happening in Philly the next week after that March 24-28th. 
  • Philagrafica is going on in Philadelphia too. 
  • I have the BMA print fair and a department show all to get ready to hang by the end of the month. 
  • Oh, and on top of that, my thesis boards are at the end of April! 

My life is getting so hectic! Where has all my time gone? 
I am also currently looking for and applying for jobs. Who knew writing a good cover letter was so hard?
I officially have 74 days, 11 hours, 12 minutes and 30 seconds until commencement. Thats 74 days of work work work work work. My head is full to the brim with my constantly lengthening to-do list.
I can't tell you how excited I am to take a little vacation to Florida. I've never been to Disney, even though my Mom's family is from central Florida. She just always thought it was super commercial and never wanted to take me there. Unlike me, Colin has been loads of times, and so this vacation is a little less of an adventure for him. 
We get to have dinner with my Grandpa and two Aunts and an Uncle while we are there. Colin will finally understand where I get my loud, talkative boisterous personality from after meeting some of the Keirnan clan. I haven't seen this part of my family since before I left for college, so a reunion is in order for sure. 
I'm taking that week off from my worries, so I can come back to Baltimore ready to rock out a lot of prints.
First and last image from We Heart It

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