I've been stalking the Kate Spade website pretty constantly the last few days. I was snowed in by the snowpocalypse Friday evening, Saturday, Sunday, school was cancelled Monday, and now school is cancelled this evening and all of tomorrow. I have a lot of time on my hands to do things like prowl beautiful brands web stores... especially since my studio is locked up and closed, so I'm not actually able to do much print work at all. Call it an un-intentional vacation.
Anyways, back to Kate Spade. The web site has been making me feel my inner prep school groove again. I've been lusting for monograms and pleats. So I made a little ode to my thirteen years of prep school experience... and maybe how I would wear it now.

I wore these charming powder blue jumpers to grade school for early Fall and Spring only. In winter we wore identical navy jumpers. I guess grade school was all about seasonal colors.
This is me on the first day of first grade.
I wish that blouse still fit me. Clearly I learned to embrace coordinating my clothing and monograms early. Can you dig my matching white keds and poodle socks?

I have no good photos of my High School uniform. It went something along the lines of a white polo, monogramed with the school insignia on the left chest,
plus a navy sweater, same insignia embroidered on left chest, plus a gray pleated uniform skirt. 
Oddly enough, you can purchase an almost identical one for close to the same price I paid for a swath of pleated gray polyester/wool blend... at American Apparel no less.
Only now my old uni is geek-chic.
If only American Apparel knew they were ripping off the uniform styles of private catholic school girls from the mid-west.

Now for the accessories. 

My class ring is like the classiest jewelry I own. Everyone at art school thinks it's a big money sign until I explain, no, its a super classy monogram, and it was designed by cartier. CARTIER! It makes me feel super duper fancy wearing this everyday. This particular ring was not made by cartier, but still, the design is gorg... and I'm going to continue bragging about my cartier ring for quite sometime. Oh the prestige of fancy lady school. The ring design is the same monogram emblem as the shirts, an intertwined N, D and S.
No one who attends all-girls prep school is complete with out a natty pair of sperrys.
Now all you need to add is a set of adorable pearls, a headband, a big rumpled bun and a cute tote.

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