Kate Spade Jewelry

I LOVE the Kate Spade Jewelry line right now!
All the images below are pulled straight from the Kate Spade site.
Have I ever mentioned that Kate Spade, like me, is from Kansas City? The connection grows from there. She also attended all girls school (although not the all girls high school I attended, sadly. There are two in KC). She makes colorful things, just like I do. Okay, thats not that many things in common, but I still adore the Kate Spade brand. I'm heading up to NYC for a quick weekday visit some time in the next week or so, and I plan on dropping by one of the NYC boutiques to lust over all the beautiful things. My poor student budget doesn't afford me much Kate Spade, but I adore the styling of the brand, so I browse the Kate Spade website often.


Alyssa said...

Bows! Pearls! Stripes! :D

kellyssima said...

i love the moon river bow ring!