new metallic striped bow tote!

I made a new handbag last night. My friday nights are chalk full of exciting things, I know!
I can never find purses I like, it seems, so I often end up making my own. This one is an homage to a designer bag I spotted online. I do NOT have $500 for a purse right now, so I made my own version!
The pictures make the stripes look flat gray, but they're really more like a metallic silvery gunmetal color. 
I painted the stripes on to black twill canvas, then sewed up the whole thing. It's a pretty simple bucket shaped tote. The fabric has a nice weight though, so I think it will hold up well. The bag is big enough to hold all my purse items, plus a cardigan (I never leave home without one in summer, AC gets so cold sometimes!), but it's not so large that it gets too heavy on my shoulder.
The lining is a light lime color printed cotton with a black and white abstract floral print. The last picture shows the lining fabric detail best.
I really like it, and it only took me about 3.5 hours and cost $9.50 in materials, including paint and buckram for the bow lining. 

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Alyssa said...

Gorgeous! I just bought myself some Holly Golightly shades from Fred Flare, because I can't mold plastic. :P