Kitchen themed birthday loot!

If you know me, you know I love cooking and kitchenware. With that said, all of the following reflect that love.
For birthday presents this weekend, friends and my super neat anthro birthday discount gave me some pretty neat kitchen stuff... Excuse my funny faces, I got really excited to show you all this stuff!
My besties Jessica and Luke gave me these matryoshka measuring cups. I LOVE fred kitchen stuff! I used to work at a kitchen supply store, and we carried a lot of fred merchandise because it is so unique and fun.
 The faces are really washed out in this picture, so I added the merchandising shot from the fred site for better detail...
My boyfriend Colin gave me this amazing oilily tea cup set. He brought it back all the way from Delft in the Netherlands! I love the colors, and it's rimmed in gold. This is my new ritzy tea cup for fancy mornings!
My anthro birthday discount gave me these neat little measuring spoons for a song. They're ceramic, shaped like little clam shells. Again, the photobooth picture is washed out, so the anthro product photo follows...
(mary kate olson lip impression...)
And lastly, I was in Michaels today, killing some time while my mom got a haircut, and I found LOTS of great, colorful cupcake liners. I bought three, since the packs of 75, were only $1.99! 
These dot liners came in color matched sets. I got a pack of blue polkadot with a lime polkadot set nestled inside, red dots with orange dot liners inside and a funky pink, red, blue and green paisley patterned set. 

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Katie said...

So fun! The polka dot stuff is fantastic. You are one lucky birthday girl.