Two big updates:

I hit the gold mine of estate sales today!
It was in my neighborhood too. Just look at what all I got, and judge for yourself. I think it was pretty darn great.
What I got:
4 tablecloths
1 kitchen feed sack towel
1 vintage pillow case
1 buck deer needlepoint with a mint green background (this is becoming a pillow, be assured.)
3 necklaces, 2 are Coro, the unmarked one is what I'm wearing in the top photo...
2 brooches/pins, one Coro, one Trifari

I put my vintage etsy up live!
khale vintage, which you can find here, has necklaces, pins and tablecloths from today, but I'll be adding more in a jiff. I have tons of vintage I need to send to other people's homes, so this etsy will be a wonderful outlet.
This is another look at the feed sack towel I got. I LOVE this print!
I've spent the majority of my day on my porch. My dad is not a believer in leaving the AC on when it's not completely necessary to do so. I guess in his stubborn-ness, he's kinda green, but it makes my parent's old arts and crafts house extremely hot during the summer. So, in case you were wondering, thats Why I was taking photobooth pictures on my front porch!

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