Needlepoint, and GO KU!

Admittedly I go to A LOT of estate sales and thrift stores while I am home in Missouri. Hey, nothing beats the vintage here. This weekend I went to a couple with my parents and found a few super cute and kitch needlepoints to turn into super fabulous couch pillows. The ladies who stitched these were very talented and dedicated to finishing something that seems pretty tedious, but ultimately gratifying. 
Here they are, forgive my goofy face...

I'm sure this is not news unless you live in the midwest, but Rock Chalk JayHawk, long live the Big 12! 
The Big 12 conference is threatened with being broken up by schools (cough cough Mizzou) threatening to leave for the Pac 10. This is all over local media here, as it concerns a lot of local colleges possibly not playing each other in normal conference play. For more info, read this KC Star article... drama.
You can do it Big 12 conference! And a hearty GO KU! I love KU because it is a family team, and art school doesn't have things like collegiate sports or mascots to cheer for...

ha. Now I'm sort of considering taking on a KU Jayhawk needlepoint project now...

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