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I am terrible at cutting my hair on any sort of regular schedule. When I was in college, I only found a regular stylist my senior year and then I promptly moved after graduation. Then I found an AWESOME stylist in Kansas City, but the salon she worked at went closed (the offshoot of the darling room, the I love you shop in Hammerpress down in the crossroads). So then last spring, before I went to Europe in February, I had my haircut at a Beauty Brands. The stylist was nice, but put a ton of moroccan oil on my baby fine hair, which made it feel great, but also greasy. I didn't think the cut was bad (I just disliked the product) so I visited her again in early May. That was the last time I got my hair cut! It's super grown out, and the ends are a little frizzy because Colin and I hadn't been using the shampoo I usually do because of the craziness of moving and me just plain not trying to find it faster. So we used Aveno shampoo from the drug store, because it had nice packaging, and my hair paid the price. It was intensely fuzzy. I just traded up to my old shampoo (a store brand version of Biolage that I actually prefer to Biolage) and my hair has gotten a little better. Needless to say, I am fed up with my hair being blah. It's grown out, has more or less no shape and is longer than I usually keep it. So today's the day to cut it! I'm actually planning to show the stylist my driver's license picture to get it cut like that. That photo is from right after the stylist at the I love you shop cut my hair really nicely. It won't be a big change, but shorter and more shaped.
This is what it looks like now:
Not bad, but really boring.
These are some inspiration photos:
 I want my hair longer than Anne's so I don't get that awkward shoulder flip out
 My hair isn't curly, but I like the length and simplicity of the cut on Amy.
 Carrie's hair is the closest to what I want.
This is a youtube video blogger, I don't remember who she is, but her haircut is nice.

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