We found an apartment! In Brooklyn!
Colin and I have been here for just over a week and have had an exhausting experience trying to become renters in NYC. It's crazy here and you have to have so much more paper work than any other city I have ever lived in!
But after an exhaustive search and several real estate broker changes, we have found a wonderful little 1 bedroom, top floor apartment with lot's of storage and skylights. Oh, and it's certified that the building has never had bed bugs. Which is wonderful, because frankly, bed bugs gross me out. We move in at the end of this month, which means there is much moving and furniture and logistics planning to be done as we get closer to the big move.

I am going to miss this sublet we've been staying in, though. This little studio has wonderful light. There are 6 huge windows! It's a beautiful space, and I'm happy we got to spend our first two weeks here.
We get to move on to somewhere else temporary for the next few weeks, before we can move into the new apartment... I'm not looking forward to continuing being transient (i.e. living out of a suitcase, which I've been doing since June. JUNE!) but I know this will all be over once we are settled in September.

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