guest post for MORGAN!

Up today, is a guest post! 
My bestie Morgan doesn't usually blog, but decided to break into the world of internet crafting my writing me a post. YAY!
I love her and you will too!
(Morgan and I at Graceland circa January 2010)


My name is Morgan and I am Katie’s BFF. Besides being my confidant, # 1 people watching buddy, and driving skills judge buddy, she is my knitting coach. 

Back up! In case you didn’t know from readying this blog, Katie is a knitting genius. She learned the basics in middle school and self taught herself the rest. By high school she was knitting backpacks. At the time knitting was “cool” so I invited her on a family road trip to con her into teaching me to knit as we drove across Kansas. Ever since she has slowly been teaching me her ways.

Last December I called her and told her that my boyfriend wanted me to knit him a hat. I thought the whole thing was ridiculous because the hardest knitting project I had attempted to date was a shawl, which is still partially done in some drawer. She, on the other, thought I was serious and very blas√© said, okay we’ll go to the knitting store when you back in town.

The day I got back in town for Christmas, Katie showed up in her Crown Vic to drag me to the knitting store. We bought yarn and off we went. 

For a first time hat knitter, I thought this pattern was fairly simple and easy. I actually knit half of it once and then took it out because it looked bad, and did it again. The second time I finished it in about two days. 

On an aside (and not being biased at all) if you need an knitting teacher Katie is the gal for you! If she can put up with my crankiness and stitch dropping dramas, she can deal with you. 

We called it ‘Evan’s Hat’ because that is what it is!
CO 8 sts
Round 1- knit all stitches
Round 2- (k1, p1) into each st across (16 sts)
Round 3- (k1, p1) across
Round 4- (k1, p1, k&p into same st) Rep 4 times (24 sts)
Round 5- (k1, p1) across
Round 6- (k1, p1, k&p into same st) Rep 4 times (32 sts)
Round 7- (k1, p1) across
Round 8- (k1, p1 into same st, k&p into same st) Rep 4 times (36 sts)
Round 9- (k1, p1) across
Round 10- (k1, p1, k&p into same st, k&p into same st) Rep 4 times (48 sts)

Work in k1, p1 rib for six inches or until you like the length. Bind off loosely. 

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