hot dogs

The other day my dad and I tried a new hot dog restaurant here in KC, Big City Hot Dogs.
Here he is- my dad makes his triumphant blog debut. 
We had Soda Vie root beer. It's a local artisanal soda company.
Those bottles are so neat! Blue glass!
 My dad had a Detroit Coney Island style hot dog.
His is topped with yellow mustard, beef chili and chopped onions.
 I had a Kansas City BBQ style hot dog. 
It was topped with bbq sauce, diced onion, blue cheese crumbles and dill pickle wedges.
The restaurant service and food was good though the restaurant itself a little plain jane inside. 
It was also in a really odd spot in KC, sort of out of the way from where I would usually drive around.
I have more projects to share soon, including some holiday themed things.
I still haven't gotten my sewing machine back from being serviced ( Do you hear me Missouri Sewing Machine Company? It's been almost 2 weeks when you said it would take one!) so I still have yet to finish my upholstery projects.
I promise I will share those whenever I can actually finish them!

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